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ShitCoin Developer
4 min readApr 2, 2021

Hi ShitCoin Army, this is the devs behind the ShitCoin $SHIT Project speaking. Today we’re going to be taking a dive into the project and we’re going to talk about the vision we have.

We launched our $SHIT token on Binance Smart Chain, on April Fools, but by no means are we here to waste anyone’s time, this project is not a joke.

We decided to name this project ShitCoin for the shock value — the term “shitcoin” will forever be a timeless word used in the crypto-space. And, in this current market climate, we saw the potential for this to go viral, so we thought why not have a bit of fun with the name and try it out as an experiment. To our good fortune, the community has embraced us with open arms.

Now this is the important part. We are very ambitious developers who are completely serious about building actual utilities on the Binance Smart Chain. We do not ever plan to settle as another memecoin that has cultural value but no other substance.

We are bending the status quo on what’s possible and we believe that we will inspire many that you can succeed at anything, no matter how outrageous or “memeable”.

So this idea of ShitCoin was born simple — the team of devs got hooked on Blockchain and DeFi technology, convinced that this is the next big thing, and we wanted to start something of our own. The crypto landscape right now is like the early 2000s after the dotcom bubble. There’s an enormous amount of opportunities and we are seeing billion dollar projects rising up before our own very eyes.

We see so many problems that can be solved, and a lot of them are low hanging fruits in our opinion. So, we wanted to see if our ideas would be viable to pursue, and it has already turned out way crazier than we thought thanks to the tremendous amount of support we have received from like-minded people in our community. We truly believe we can only go up from here.

We are a team of futurists and engineers. We believe in living life with no regrets, creating an amazing community and platform, and of course we believe in memes.

We have been working very hard on creating an entirely decentralised ecosystem revolving around our native token $SHIT. This includes a NFT Trading Platform, Unreal Engine SDK, Launchpad Platform, a No-Code Smart Contract Builder, and much more.

In Q1 2021, we accomplished the planning, research and development of the foundation of our $SHIT ecosystem, and launched the ShitCoin Project on DxSale on 1st April 2021.

We set the presale price to be the same as PancakeSwap listing price and the results were more incredible than we were expecting.

In Q2 2021, we will launch our very own Launchpad Platform — Interstellar, that has a stunning UX for developers, project team members, market participants and others who want to use the platform.

There will be unique features implemented that will help prevent spam and bots that execute auto-buys the moment a presale is launched.

The Launchpad Platform will use our $SHIT token as its native token. This means new projects using our platform for their presale launch will have to stake $SHIT in order to launch.

We also are working on a NFT trading platform based on ShitCoin tokens — in short, artists will be able to sell their art for a lot of valuable $SHIT.

As we progress forward through our roadmap our Developer Fund Wallet will grow in value simultaneously. This will help the rollout of our ecosystem continue to expand and be built faster and stronger. When the time is right, our plan is to hire additional developers, and invest more into marketing and the community.

In Q3 2021, we are set to be working on an SDK for Unreal Engine. This will allow game developers to easily make in-game trading possible using our native $SHIT token. We believe in and fully support open source, so we will license our SDK under a business source license (similar to UniSwap v3), this will enable us to make the code open to the general public while simultaneously delaying commercial competition to secure the interest of $SHIT investors.

As we expand, we also have plans to build a simple no-code smart contract builder application, to lower the entrance level of developing decentralised applications.

By the time we reach Q4 2021 and beyond, we hope to see a thriving crypto world, with not only the current big players like ETH and BSC dominating the scene, but also Cardano, Polkadot and Solana, maturing and having a wider adoption. We anticipate this happening and so that’s what we’re working towards. As this unfolds we will also contribute to making cross-chain interoperability easy for the developers around the world.

Thank you for all of your support. We will see you in the bright future, we will see you put $SHIT on the moon!



ShitCoin Developer

We are the developer team of ShitCoin ($SHIT), bringing you the latest news on our development progress.